Babydoll Sheep For Sale 

  • Rams 6 months or older will be brucellosis tested before pick-up if destination state requires the test. Please allow 10 days for the testing process. 
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a specific lamb.  
  • 2018 Lambs are weaned, vaccinated, and scrapie-tagged. 
  • Ewes and Rams will be registered with NABSSAR. 
  • Wethers will not be registered.  
  •  Colorado Health Certificates are issued for each animal that is sold.  


​     Breeding Stock   $525 each/$500 each when 2 or more are purchased at the same time.  

  • 2 rams - white 
  • 2 ewe lambs - white  
  • 2 ewe lambs - black  
  • Of the above 2 sets of unrelated pairs are currently available. 

      Fiber animals, pets 325 each/$300 each when 2 or more are purchased at the same time. 

  • 1 Lamb wether - black 
  • 3 Lamb wethers - white 

Please complete the Contact Us form if you are interested in purchasing any of the above animals. 

Please indicate on the form if you are interested in breeding stock or animals for fiber or pets 



Fine Wool Fiber available for sale on my Etsy Site: 

 ​ Heritage breed miniature sheep​ Heritage breed miniature sheep

 Babydolls  are naturally polled (born without horns) . They are docile by nature but they are wary in new situations.  The sheep are curious and trusting with the people they know.  When you first get lambs they will be skittish.  Spending time quietly in their pen and allowing them to come up and check you out will allow them to acclimate to your presence.   They will look for you to show up to feed them and it won't be long before they are under your feet .  You will find that each has it's own personality.  Some are bold, others cautious, some are leaders, others find a buddy they are never far from.   ​ Heritage breed miniature sheep​ Heritage breed miniature sheep

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Registered Olde English Babydoll Sheep  and Fine Wool Fiber

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